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Williams Engineering Services is a performance-driven company whose highest priorities are accident prevention, the health of our employees and the protection of the environment.

100% commitment to Health and Safety is our foremost priority, and we seek to implement the highest industry standards for health and safety throughout our operations. Our standards reflect a commitment to integrating safety into every aspect of our organization.

Simply put, we believe;

  • No one gets hurt
  • No environmental damage is acceptable
  • Nothing is more valuable than our employees’ health and safety

Our commitment is simple, - we do not want to harm people or the environment. This is what drives us to make the right decisions, take the appropriate measures and behave in a responsible manner. As a professional and environmentally conscious organization, Williams Engineering acknowledges the impact our operations may potentially have on the environment and have clear objectives that minimize any impact throughout the supply chain.

Additionally, the team at Williams Engineering Services ensures that our internal procedures comply with industry standards and best practices, as well as ensuring the adequacy and operation of the controls system. Our compliance framework operates to ensure we effectively adhere to all local and national laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines.